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The linework is great, but there are problems with the colors. Firstly, everything in this picture doesn't have shadows. Your 'shadows' aren't dark enough. For example, the blue skirt thing. For the covered part of the skirt, there should be a part which is dark because of top part of the skirt. The shadow color of the skirt should be the color beside the thigh, the color of the insides the skirt. Next, the hands. I don't know if the fingers are meant to be like that but the way it was drawn makes them look like cat claws, and the palm is too big. The part of your hand below the pinky, that part. Another part are the legs. This girl's left thigh, the inner line which joins the skirt, shouldn't curve inwards. The calf of the left leg shouldn't be jutting out if the foot is facing us. If you want to draw the leg facing the other leg, the curves should be much softer, smaller and slower. Yet again, the shading of the legs can be improved. The legs confused me at first because I wasn't sure which leg was in front. There is definitely something wrongly drawn about the legs because both look like they're overlapping the other. But still, this artwork is quite detailed and like I said earlier, the line work is great.
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Yoruni Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for the critique.
I wont agree about the shadows on her body but cloths are other thing, materials and shadows on it are something I have to study more.
As for a body parts:
I am still learning about hands because it is my weak point. I'll look more at photograph of hands and specially palms.
Legs... Um.... I realized is something wrong with them when I coloured skin, but I though left feet is not proportional.
I draw them by watching myself in the mirror and I can stand like this, so haven't seen any other wrong parts in legs, but I got weird body so for other people it may look strange when I try to draw by watching myself.
I am glad You like my line work and I hope my other works in the future would be better and I'll improve myself.
Thank You again for Your critique, I'll keep in mind Your words.
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